Italy, 1964



For many years, Elisabetta Di Maggio has been working on a research that highlights two salient elements of life: the network of communications needed to transmit information and the time required for this action takes place.


She has been trying  to show the close connections between the plots, circuits, grids, structures and networks belonging to different environments, which are part of our existence and where we spend our time and our daily life. Di Maggio takes her subjects from the real world starting from  anthropological illustrations, botanical scenes, urban planning; but also by embroidery and drawings from wallpaper and tapestries that belong to a daily home life. The working method is always the same, she cuts different materials using a scalpel sharp surgeon. The materials used ranging from sheets of tissue paper, to small or huge vegetable leaves, small or huge, soaps, porcelain and other surfaces, including the plaster of the walls.


She spends hours dissecting these materials and the results are works that tell us in how many different and particular forms Nature can metamorphize, organize and extend its patterns.


Via G.B Piranesi, 10 - Milano

Laura Bulian Gallery © 2017

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