SAid atabekov

Kazakhstan, 1965


Said Atabekov was born in 1965, in Besterek village, Uzbekistan. Graduated from the Shymkent Art College, he lives and works in Shymkent (Kazakhstan).


Selected solo Exhibitions



Said Atabekov. Solo  show,

Videoinsight Center, Turin, Italy.

In collaboration with Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan



The Dream of Gengis Khan, curated by

Marco Scotini, Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan, Italy



Son of the East, Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan, Italy



Way to Rome, SCCA, Almaty, Kazakhstan



I am Not We, Fonkor Gallery, Chymkent, Kazakhstan


Selected Group Exhibitions



Life is a legend, curated by Dimitri Konstantinidis,

Daria Evdokimova, Estelle Pietrzyk, Museum

of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasburg, France

Early Too Late. Middle East and Modernity,

curated by Marco Scotini, Pinacoteca Nazionale

di Bologna, Bologna, Italy.



The Other & me, curated by Jassim Alawadhi and

Colin Reaney, Sharjha Art Museum, Sharjha, UAE

Central Asia and The Caucasus, Curated by

Slavs and Tatars, Marker - Art Dubai 2014.

The empty pedestal, curated by Marco Scotini,

Museo Archeologico, Bologna, Italy



More light, 5th Moscow Biennale 2013,

curated by Catherine de Zegher, Moscow, Russia

At the Crossroads: Contemporary Art from Central Asia and the Caucasus, selling exhibition, Sotheby’s London, 03.2013





Migrasophia, curated by Sara Raza,

Sharjah Museum , Maraya Art Center , UAE

Girls or boys? Who cares?!, curated by Julia Draganovich, Elena Forin and Claudia Loffelholz, Context Art Miami Pavillon, Miami, USA, 2012



Winner of Prince Claus Fund for Culture

and Development 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

54th Venice Biennale, Central Asia Pavilion,

Venice, Italy

Proches, Docks en Seine, Paris, France

Ostalgia, curated by Massimiliano Gioni,

New Museum, New York, U.S.A.

Between Heaven and Earth. Contemporary Art from

the Centre of Asia, Calvert 22 Foundation,

London, UK

The eye is a lonely hunter- Images of humankind,

4.Fotofestival Mannheim, Ludwigshafen,

Heidelberg, Germany



In – Difesa, Foundation 107, Turin Italy

Rites without myths, Laura Bulian Gallery,

Milan, Italy



Lonely at the Top, Muhka Museum, Antwerp, Belgium

Photoquai 2009, Biennale des Images du monde, Paris, France

Changing Climate, Kunsthalle Wien, Austria

Scènes Centrales, LILLE-3000, Lille, France

East of Nowhere, Contemporary Art from Post-Soviet

Central Asia, Turin, Italy



Destination Asia – Flying over stereotypes,

Gallery ELEMENTA, Dubai, UAE

Old/New Routes- A Selection of video Art

from Central Asia, BizArt , Shanghai, China

I Dream of the Stars, Winkleman Gallery,

New York, USA



52st Venice Biennale,

Central Asia Pavilion, Venice, Italy

Time of Storytellers, Kiasma Museum,

Helsinki, Finland

Live Cinema, The return of the Image,

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA

La Biennale de Montreal 2007, Montreal, Canada

Checkpoint, Museum of Art Zilina, Chech Republic

The Paradox of the Polarity, Art from Central Asia,

Bose Pacia Gallery, New York, USA

Progressive Nostalgia. Contemporary Art from

the Former USSR,  curated by  Viktor Misiano,

Contemporary Art Center Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy



Rose of Peace, Spiridonov House, Moscow, Russia

10th Media Art Biennale Free waves, Los Angeles, USA

Contemporary Art from Central Asia,

Ujasdovskii Castle, Warsaw, Poland

Contested spaces of Post-soviet Art,

Sidney Miskin Gallery, New York, USA


9th Biennale of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Tamerlan's Sindrome, Palazzo dei Sette, Orvieto, Italy

51st Venice Biennale, Central Asia Pavilion, Venice, Italy

In the shadows of heroes, Bishkek , Kyrgizstan



TranForma, Center for Contemporary Art,

Geneva, Switzerland,

Videoidentity, SCCA-Almaty, Kazakhstan

From Red Star to the Blue Cupola, IFA Gallery,

Berlin-Stuttgart, Germany


10th Prague Quadriennale, Prague, Czech Republic



No Man's Land, Haus der Kulturen

der Welt, Berlin, Germany

Re-orientation, AAS Gallery Weimar, Germany



Tanszendenz, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria



Tengri Umai, Center for Contemporary Art,

Vilnus, Lituania


Via G.B Piranesi, 10 - Milano

Laura Bulian Gallery © 2017

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